Many people feel flowers are a luxury

Many people feel that flowers are a luxury. We believe they add to our life and wellbeing, making every day a red letter day.

Our Aim is to share our enjoyment of Flowers with you, to help you make the most of their beauty and life, to enhance your life.

We are a community of Flower Clubs who make up the North West region of the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies.

We are local to you. Find a group or groups near to you, just enter your area into the search box, then see the list of meetings near you, along with a contact name, and  emaill address for more details.

Throughout this website we aim to share our knowledge, whether you are interested in flowers for the everyday, flowers for the home, growing flowers to arrange, creating floral designcreative floral art, or simply watching flowers being arranged.

We know flowers are beautiful, they reward us with their Colour, Vitality and Perfume, and they bring likeminded people together, sharing ideas and making new friends

Enjoy our website; we look forward to meeting you.

The Flowersnorthwest team

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Many people think flowers are a luxury


Why the Blue?

You might just be wondering why we have chosen the colour and strength of Blue. This is the computers nearest version of `Woad Blue`.

For over 2000 years the blue used in dyeing fabric etc., was made from the plant Isatis tinctora which is part of the brassica family, known to the French as Pastel blue but to we British know it as Woad.

As much of our region was associated with the textile industry, combined with our use of plant materials to be creative, we are using this colour which will become part of the signature of our collective at Flowers North West. 


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